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  • What is a vacuum kiln?

    It is a kiln that utilizes a vacuum to lower the temperature at which water boils (evaporates). Wood is stronger at a lower temperature. By drying it at a lower temperature we can speed up the drying time without hurting the wood. Vacuum pressure also sucks water from the core to the outside of the wood.

  • How long does it usually take to dry a piece of wood?

    It usually takes a week per inch thickness for previously airdried wood (<32% moisture), and a week and a half per inch for wet wood.

  • Does it matter what species of wood I have?

    Yes. Some species of wood take longer than others to dry. Though hardwoods typically take longer than soft woods to dry, other factors such as moisture content and size play more significant factors in determining drying time.

  • What is considered airdried wood?

    For our purposes, previously airdried wood implies that it has a moisture content of 32% or less.

  • Does my wood need to be stickered when I deliver it?

    Yes, we recommend at least a 3/4 inch square sticker between each slab. We can also sticker your wood for you for an additional charge.

  • What does stickering mean?

    Stickering refers to the use of narrow strips of wood – typically 1”x 1” – between the layers of lumber to allow adequate air flow.

  • How much does it cost to dry a slab?

    **Updated 10/5/23**

    Our kiln fees are:

    • Minimum Service fee of $150
    • Under 700 board feet: $2.00 per board foot
    • 701-1500 bdft.: $1.80 per board foot
    • 1501-2250 bdft.: $1.60 per board foot
    • 2251-3000 bdft.: $1.40 per board foot
    • 3001-3750 bdft.: $1.20 per board foot
    • 3751+ bdft.: $1.00 per board foot

    Use our cost calculator to get an idea of how long and how much it will cost to dry your lumber (please note that we do have a $150 minimum service charge). Or Contact Us with the specifics and we can give you an estimate over the phone.

  • How will I know that my wood is ready for pickup?

    We will provide an estimate for dry time at drop-off, and will contact you close to the date to confirm the dry-time and pickup date.

  • Does Urban Logs offer pick-up/drop-off service?

    Not currently, but we hope to offer this service in the future. Contact us if you’d like any recommendations for transporting your wood.

  • Will Urban Logs cut down my tree/remove logs from my property/mill (make slabs out of) my wood?

    We do not offer any of these services, but we can refer you to some awesome local companies that do. Contact us or check out our references page here.

  • Will Urban Logs buy my wood?

    Urban Logs focuses primarily on recycled/reclaimed wood that would otherwise be destined for the landfill. If you are removing trees from your property and would otherwise dispose of them, please contact us with details.

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