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Urban Log Studios was founded in 2021 by husband and wife team, Andrew and Alexis Nicholls, with the goal of positively impacting their community by providing needed services to the local urban logging industry. More than just a business, Urban Log Studios is a passion for expanding the accessibility of traditional craftworks and sustainable forestry practices. We aim to help other small wood businesses, crafts persons, DIYers, and landowners leave our community and environment just a little bit better than we found it for our children and the generations to come. As a rising tide lifts all ships, we hope that in building this community together we all help each other in finding our own success, create sustainable jobs, and even some friendships along the way. We hope you join us on this journey!

  • Veteran & Woman Owned
  • Community Focused
  • Making Woodworking accessible and sustainable



We believe that woodworking is for everyone. Full stop. To that end, woodworking products and services shouldn’t be intimidating or difficult to access. No “gate-keeping” here! We all started somewhere, and it took other people to help get us where we are today. You are welcome to join our community!


We only have one planet, let’s not waste it. We use locally sourced urban timber (that would normally go into the chipper) for our products. Trees in urban environments absorb and sequester huge volumes of carbon from our environment. Reusing this wood in producing usable items like bowls and tables helps to keep that carbon sequestered for generations to come instead of being released back into the environment through decomposition in a landfill.


Woodworking is a team sport. We love to share our resources and what we know, and in turn, we value learning from our clients and contacts. Always learning, always growing!

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