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Handcrafted quality home decor made from locally sourced urban timber. Urban Log Studios is dedicated to building a community of everyday people committed to positively impacting the environment by ensuring urban wood is used again at the end of its life, not thrown into landfills.



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Urban Logs Production Woodturning products are made with locally sourced urban lumber. Our mission, and our passion, is to divert as many trees from landfills as we can – by giving those trees a second life as affordable, beautiful woodturned products. We offer a variety of quality hand-turned product lines; from housewares like bowls, platters, decorative items, to specialty products for the funeral industry like urns and keepsakes for both pets and people. Our products can be found in shops and funeral homes throughout the PNW. Additionally, we offer custom services for limited run production as well as one-off sculptural pieces. Contact us today to see about carrying our products in your store or for a quote on custom orders!

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We finish our products with Walrus Oil – 100% Food-Safe, VOC Free, and made with absolutely No Synthetics.


Urban Log Studios founding partner, Andrew Nicholls, found wood turned art through his first love in arts: music. He began building custom drums, learning to turn in pursuit of the perfect sound. What he found instead was a love for imperfect, discarded wood. He saw in those pieces of wood what he saw in himself after returning home from a combat tour in Iraq, as well as those he now currently works with as a clinical social worker in emergency departments and research settings.

Andrew approaches each piece by letting the wood dictate the journey. He enjoys taking flaws that other woodworkers and woodturners would avoid, and using different techniques and materials, highlights the cracks, inclusions, and bug holes he finds. He also enjoys turning green or wet wood, letting it move and warp as it dries, further allowing the wood to express itself in the process.

He uses his work to explore themes of radical self-acceptance, life and death, life transitions, and sometimes turns just because it makes him happy. Andrew also uses the solitude of turning as a time for reflection and self-care, to let go of and process emotional transference brought on by his work as a social worker.

Outside of the shop and work, Andrew is active in and supports several mental health and veteran focused non-profits, and is a loving husband and father.

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Owner & Craftsman, Andrew Nicholls

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