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Kiln News – July 2023

Welcoming Vets Home

Urban Log Studios is veteran owned and supports various veteran non-profit organizations – and we hope to be able to offer our own non-profit classes to veteran and disadvantaged communities in the future.
This week Andrew is working on a set of unique and meaningful medallions, one of many sets that he has created over the last couple of years, for Veteran Rites, an organization dedicated to helping vets initiate “true identity, purpose, and belonging after military service.”  The medallions are earned at the end of the “Rite of Return” Program, an initiation for veterans who are looking for a way to reconnect with themselves, their place in the world and in their communities. Being able to support and work with incredible organizations like this one is part of why we started this company, and we will continue to strive to do more.
First Look at Nesting Bowls!
The first batch of Nesting Bowls is officially finished – and they are gorgeous! We will be posting them for sale on the site over the next few weeks (we are still playing catchup) as well as upgrading our online store over the next few months.
Andrew also turned a few paper thin bowls and then experimented with some very cool texturization which Alexis then accentuated with some metal reactive paint. The effect is something like a cross between stone and wood, and got some very positive feedback at last month’s Sorticulture.
Shop Tomfoolery

Sometimes there’s so much work to be done that you just need to blow off steam and make something that soothes your comedic soul…for Andrew that is a sign for his new scuba tank bell that says “Please ring bell and yell “Ahoy Hoy!” for service”…apparently some obscure reference from the Simpsons. Made further ridiculous because he can’t actually hear the bell over the sound of the lathe/air compressor – but of course we still support our brave leader no matter his weirdness.
We have cedar, maple, cherry, oak and fir of all shapes and sizes in the kiln right now. 6 inch thick cedar beams are taking the bulk and appear to be drying evenly and straight, which is tough to do with such thick material.
We should be unloading sometime next week but still have some space open in the August run. If you’d like to throw some wood in give us a call to schedule at (425)312-3885 or email us anytime.
Got questions about how the kiln process works? Check out our FAQs page, cost calculator or contact us with any questions – we’re happy to help!
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