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Kiln News – October 2022

The Weather Is Turning…And So Are We
It’s custom order season and they are rolling in! Andrew is turning out custom art pieces, side tables (yes you read that right – solid white oak – watching that thing getting turned was a trip), platters, bowls as well as more wholesale inventory for the online stores. It’s been busy in the shop, but luckily we have a whole lot of maple, oak and cherry to work with from local trees that were taken down.
We have gotten some great reach outs lately from people taking down trees in their yard or on their property, looking for recommendations on local tree services, mills, or just more information about the process – and we love these calls! The whole point of this operation is to make something out of trees that have to be taken down rather than chipping them up, so keep em’ coming and spread the word.
In the Kiln
A wide variety of species of wood in the kiln this month – and we are back to jig-sawing that puppy in. Cherry. maple, black locust, madrone, cedar, catalpa – you name it, it’s in there. With the size and variety of this this load it looks like it’s going to take a bit longer than usual and unload will be in the beginning of November.We do have a little bit of room left in the November, but if what you have is too big we can get you in to December. Just give us a call at (425)312-3885 or email us and we will get you scheduled in.
Cool Stuff
One of Andrew’s favorite YouTubers, Stumpy Nubs, has released a new “Cool Tools” video and it is definitely worth checking out, specifically for his review of the 3M Dust Extractor and an excellent hand tool sharpening set. And what’s even better – there’s a bunch of links to limited time sales!
Have questions about the kiln drying process, wood turning or any of our other services? Give us a call at (425)312-3885 or email us if you’d like more info. We would love to hear from you!


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